What Does it Mean to Trust God?


 “That needs to come off,” said my doctor friend while looking at a spot on my back. And then, “That one does, too,” and “We’ll just slice that one right off, too.” All those statements were accompanied by head shaking indications that indeed some suspicious spots on my body needed to be removed.

Anxiety poked at me momentarily as I made arrangements to return on another day for the “slicing”.

As I anticipated the procedures, pictures of needles danced in my head. I hate needles. I could never, ever, be a nurse.

My mind flashed back to when I was hospitalized for pneumonia as a six-year-old. I distinctly remember being held down by a team of nurses as I kicked and screamed about the daily regimen of three penicillin shots. When I was released from the hospital, I had so many blue spots on my arms and hips that I looked as if I had contracted some strange new disease.

Back to the “slicing”.  I considered putting it off, but having learned the hard way that one’s physical health must be attended to, I submitted myself to the process.

Injections followed by “slicing” followed by cauterizing, and it was done.

Because I trusted my doctor, I voluntarily endured the anxiety, the pain (more mental than physical, lol), the unknown, trusting my body into the hands of an expert. Although I wasn’t fond of the process itself, I knew the end result was for my good. I knew that even if there were something unhealthy happening on my skin, facing it was my only choice.

I thought of how this is somewhat like the process of trusting God with our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves with an issue, a problem, a situation. We are unable to fix the situation in our own power. God is the expert. We submit ourselves to Him and allow Him to work it out while He works in us “a greater weight of glory.”

 We may not understand all that will happen or how He will work it all out. We may reluctantly accept that some of the processes may be painful, uncomfortable, and may cause anxiety. We get the idea that freedom and healing can sometimes be a process instead of an event. Yet we know that God is “working in us, both to do and to will of His good pleasure.” We know that “He is working all things together for our good.” Our relationship with God includes an acceptance that He is bringing us to completion in Christ and that process of sanctification will require us to place our lives into His hands. This surrendering of our hearts and lives demands that we allow God to slice away everything that is unhealthy, knowing that it is for our good.

What about you? Anything unhealthy in your life that needs to be removed?

Where are you in the process of submitting that to God? Are you holding on, just hoping you can handle it by yourself?

What do you believe about God? Is He trustworthy? Will what He does in you be worth the potential discomfort and/or pain? Do you believe He is ultimately about bringing good into your life?

What is holding you back from trust?

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  1. Oh MIkki…this is so rich. I’m in the place of pruning also. It is painful and difficult sometimes too. I’m learning althugh there may be fear to continue in what God has called us into or to face, He gives strength to surrender all to Him and strength to contiue in obedience..whether kicking and screaming!haha. Thank you for sharing. You hae helped me see more clearly and helped me to know where to pray:) I love you so much!! I thank God for your health and well as just you being you!!

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