What’s Stirring Inside You?


ambivalent lookHer eyes were full of ambivalence as tears gave voice to both anguish and hunger.   “You’ve done it again, you know. You’ve stirred things up inside me,” were the words she did say and the look on her face indicated that she didn’t know whether to thank me or to hate me. And I got it because I’d been there before. I understood as I watched her struggle with whether or not to step into this stirring inside. 

To embrace this stirring was risky for to do so meant that she would have to open herself to vulnerability. To the possibility of more hurt, more disappointment. This stirring was calling her to face the depths of what she had long since buried within. The dashed dreams, broken promises, and repeated disillusionment. 
It was if she were standing at a door. She could stay where she was and live with a deadened heart or she could step through the door, allowing her hopes and dreams to reawaken. It was a scary place, full of risk. 
There was no guarantee her reawakened heart would see its dreams fulfilled, but the emotional and spiritual expense of living six feet under disappointment was becoming too high. I could see it in her eyes. This ravenous hunger for life had roused within her and I doubted she’d ever be satisfied again settling for a life of compromise.
The call of God’s Spirit was stirring within her, calling her to more. Calling her to what the Bible calls abundant life, life to the full.
The Bible uses the word stir often, speaking of awakening, arousing, calling, summoning, inviting, rousing to acting.  In Genesis 1 we find God’s Spirit stirring, hovering over the face of the deep and the pages of God’s Word are filled with pictures of God stirring, calling, inviting, rousing people to the more that is possible for them.
In Psalm 42, the Psalmist names the stirring within him and also the pain of the place in which he finds himself. This Psalm is an honest picture of a man of God struggling with depression and discouragement. The imagery gives us a picture of the Psalmist vulnerable and yet ambivalent heart as he speaks of the calling of God’s Spirit
“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls.”  Naming the stirring of God within him, the Psalmist also speaks of how it almost feels God is trying to kill him as he continues, ”All Your waves and billows have gone over me.”
Deep calls to deep. What a perfect way to describe what happens inside us when we are awakened inside! This awakening or stirring might come through worship, through the words of someone else, through reading the Bible, through a dream, through a song, a walk by the river, or a multitude of other things because God is not limited in His ability to speak to us.
This stirring often comes through an encounter with another person. God uses us to call one another into more abundant life. The deep within us calls to the deep within another. It often isn’t an intentional thing but rather an organic result of living an authentic Christian life.
Can you name the last time you felt stirred? The last time you felt something within you awaken or reawaken? 
Such stirring is an invitation that requires a response and always involves risk on our part. 
Song of Solomon is a picture of how God stirs love within us, awakening us to the pleasures of living life to the full.
In John 5 we find the story of the lame man who waited by the pool of water for an angel to come and stir the waters. The first one in would be healed. Day after day the man waited and hoped. Even when the waters stirred, he would need help. He’d need other people to let him down into the waters. And he’d been disappointed time after time because other people would get into the waters before him. And yet, he stayed there, believing that one day he would be the one to get healed. This required a certain vulnerability on his part. Would he face the potential disappointment again and again or would he deaden his heart and live safely, without risk, in his current condition?
The woman I mentioned earlier continues to take step after step into truth, into light, risking pain by refusing to live for less than God’s full purposes.
What about you? Are you content to stay as you are or will you open your heart to the stirring of God? 
Can you name what is stirring within you? If not, will you ask God to stir whatever needs life in you? And when He does, will you step into the waters?
The risks may look great, but the rewards are a life lived well, satisfied with the goodness of God.


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