When Jesus Offers You More


2worshiponkneesThis morning I am contemplating the passage in Luke 17 which records the story of ten men who had leprosy being healed by Jesus. I am arrested by the response of the one … “and one of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice, glorified God, and fell down on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving Him thanks. And he was a Samaritan.”

And my heart is drawn to this idea… “When he saw that he was healed…”

Sometimes our healing comes just this obviously. We look and we see.  We are healed. At other times, our healing is a process; it comes piece by piece, particularly when Jesus is healing our hearts.

Today I am asking myself, and I hope you will ask yourself, how do I respond to God’s healing in my life? Can I see what He is doing in me?

All ten lepers could physically see that they were healed. Yet this one, he saw more. He saw the person of Christ. He saw His redeemer.  The others were doing just what Jesus told them. They were going to the priests in order to be declared ceremonially cleansed which would allow them to reconnect with their world and their God. Yet this one…

Imagine yourself as one of the lepers in the story… You have been banished from society. You have a communicable disease which has separated you from your family, your community, your job. No one can physically touch you. Even before you contracted this disease, you already were living with the knowledge that you were considered unworthy by the religious community because you were not of a pure bloodline – you were a half-breed.  You know what rejection is all about.  And suddenly, you are given a pass back to life. You are physically healed. You can barely wait to go hug your spouse, your child, your parent, your friends. You have been given a ticket back to your “church”.

Nine of the ten immediately took the offer Jesus gave them. They were excited about their physical healing; they had to be! But this one…

He saw his healing…

And yet… he saw more.

He had eyes to see that he had been given more the opportunity for more than physical healing, and he entered into it. He couldn’t take another step without connecting with his God. He glorified God by falling at Jesus’ feet and thanking him loudly. He fell at the feet of the High Priest, Jesus, who declared him clean in much more than his physical body.

Jesus declared this man glorified God and his faith had made him well. Oh, but it was so much more than his amazingly wonderful physical healing. His eyes had seen his Redeemer!

Today I wonder if we could take a few moments to contemplate God’s healings in our lives. Perhaps you will be led to see more today than you’ve seen before, to see beyond the obvious to the deep inner work that God is doing in you. Would you take the next few moments to think on the following thoughts?How has God been healing your heart?

What deep work is He doing in your heart?

What incorrect religious mindset is He tearing down inside your thinking?

How is He restoring your relationships?

How is God revealing Himself to you as your Redeemer?

Could you pause to fall at His feet, thanking Him for the restorative work He is doing inside you? And if you are not sure just what that work is, maybe you are in such a dark place that you can’t see what he is doing, would you ask Him to show you?

Our heartfelt thanksgiving glorifies God.

My next entry this week will focus more on how God heals our hearts. Hope you’ll keep walking on the journey with me.

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  1. Thanks,this piece of writing is very inspiring.I really enjoyed reading it.It reminds me about my own life stories.God bless and keep you all well and healthy.

  2. Noemi says:

    “And if you are not sure just what that work is, maybe you are in such a dark place that you can’t see what he is doing, would you ask Him to show you?”–>asking and asking and asking…

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