When The Dreams You Dare to Dream Really Do Come True


dreams really do come trueDreams, desires, and hope inspire us, move us forward, and ignite our hearts and souls with purpose and passion. Sometimes the fire inside us burns like a well-stoked fire providing slow steady warmth. At other times, these dreams and desires erupt as if a match had been thrown onto the driest of fields. And then there are the times when we find the embers of hope in our souls to be barely burning. We become dry, empty; the fire of our hearts smothered out by discouragement and the loss of hope. The “When, God, when?” times. The times Proverbs describes as hope deferred resulting in heartsickness.

Zacharias and Elizabeth had been in that season for a long time. They had dreamed of a child. Longed. Yearned. Yet they found themselves empty. Barren. In the land of hope deferred. And in their case, a land of shame. To be barren was to be deemed judged by God.

Somewhere late in their lives, too late it seemed, God moved in what must have felt like an out of the middle of nowhere move.

Zacharias drew the lot. He was chosen for the most sacred duty of a priest, the privilege of burning incense in the Holy Place. A priest could have this privilege once in his lifetime but there was no guarantee. It could be that one never got his lot drawn.

Certainly Zacharias must have also dreamed of being chosen for this service and yet he had found himself old, never having been chosen. Another hope deferred.

And then, “…his lot fell to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord.” Luke 1:9

It was a suddenly. A tipping point.

What must have happened inside Zacharias? Joy?  Excitement? Perhaps trepidation and anxiety? It was his moment. He couldn’t possibly anticipate what God had planned. An angelic visitation. A message from God that his prayers had been heard. Prayers for a child.

Who knows how long it had been since Zacharias had prayed that prayer. Maybe that morning or perhaps it had been years for after all, he and Elizabeth were “…well advanced in years.” Luke 1:7

A suddenly from God in response to the fullness of time. The ripeness of God’s plan.

What unfolded from there resulted in the sending of the Christ child. The Messiah. Our Savior.

You see, sometimes we can’t see what God is doing.  Our hope is dashed. We feel we are facing a brick wall with no strength to climb. And then God tips the cup over. The fullness arrives. The pieces of the puzzle fit together and everything changes.

Do you find yourself discouraged today? Hopeless? Feel God has not heard your prayers? Think it’s too late?

Keep walking with God, just as Zacharias and Elizabeth did and were blessed with a child, John, who was the forerunner of Christ and whose life still impacts us all.

God has not abandoned you. He will answer you. He is doing more than you know.

One day you will find yourself in “the fullness of time”. God will tip the cup. Your dreams really can come true. 


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