When the Truth Crashes Through


crashing into brick wallThe words hit me. I felt their impact as if I’d run full-force into a brick wall in the middle of the night. My soul reverberated from the impact. It was as if layers of dried up mud had suddenly cracked open and began to fall off my heart and mind, piece by piece, bit by bit, chunk by chunk.

I had come face to face with truth. Oh, the truth had been there all along, but I had not known it. I’d not been willing or able to see it. The dried muddy layers of denial and resistance and repression which I’d used to protect myself from pain suddenly were cracked open enough for the truth to begin to penetrate my heart and mind.

The words had challenged me, confronted me, and purposefully lured me into the trap and the trap was baited with truth.  And the truth began to do its work.
When Jesus said “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free,” he was speaking to people who sincerely believed they knew the truth, yet their reality was, they were in bondage. They were deceived, and the problem with deception is that, well, it’s deceptive.
We don’t know what we don’t know. 
All of us have areas of our lives where we are blinded. Things we don’t see. Things we don’t know. 
God is committed to us to show us these blind spots, these bondages.  His commitment includes using everything that comes along in our lives, whether things of our own making, the making of others, things from His hand or things from the enemy, to bring us more fully to the truth because the truth sets us free.
Rohr says it this way, “As any good therapist will tell you, you cannot heal what you do not acknowledge, and what you do not consciously acknowledge will remain in control of you from within, festering and destroying you and those around you.”
Known truth, acknowledged truth, received truth, has the inherit power to bring freedom. It’s like a seed which brings forth its fruit in its time. Just as a seed reproduces its own kind, (an apple seed brings an apple tree), truth reproduces truth. When we acknowledge and receive truth into our heart, it can spread and grow and reproduce, bringing freedom.
This whole process is one of making us more like Christ, who is truth. 
Unfortunately, most humans resist change. We resist truth many times. We opt to stay in our bondage because to change would be too risky, too unknown. We find we have come to be comfortable in our mud.
Yet when revelation comes, as it did for me that day, we have a choice. We can choose to remain as we are and scramble to rebuild our brick walls, or we can choose to embrace truth, allowing it to bring its deep work of healing and change into our hearts and minds. 
When have you been confronted with truth?
Ever had any moments when you felt as if you’d run into a brick wall full-force in the dead of the night?
Ever had someone speak words of truth to you that opened you up to see what you’d never seen before?
God is inviting you to acknowledge truth. Own your stuff. Own your story. Step into light and begin the journey to freedom. Allow the water of God’s love to wash off the layers of denial, distortion, resistance, and whatever else is keeping you from freedom.
When you do, you will have begun to walk in a journey ordained by God Himself, a journey of truth. A journey to freedom.


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  1. I recently had to take a personality test for a class I’m taking. Interestingly, it revealed some traits in me that I had identified in other close family members, but never saw in myself. I had to face the truth of someone else showing it to me by way of this test. Wow, eye-opening! Great post.

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