When You Need to Change, Again


change image I find myself in a place of change, again. Perhaps I am more resistant than most, but I doubt it. Life seems to be one long season of change and transition. Personally, I get into my little nesting places and get comfortable, even when the nest has briars and thorns in it. The unknown is scary, and yet once again I find myself in a place where I am unsure, grappling over the next step. The answer I find is not one I like. Wait. Trust. Have faith.

At my core, I like to make my own way. I prefer having all the answers. I love having my life road map for the next 10 years or so, yet my life with God challenges me. Unknown territory. Previously unnavigated regions. Dark places. Again and again, God demands my trust.

I think of the verse in Psalm 119 that says, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet, and a light for my path.” The lamp for my feet is the light that comes for the very next step in front of me, and the light for my path is for the steps lying just ahead. I need both.

Having recently finished my Masters in Professional Counseling degree, I find myself with new career opportunities which feel unknown. I am excited and scared both at the same time. I was in my safe routine. School work. Internship. It had form. I knew what was required.

Being somewhat mid-life, I find myself with new challenges and opportunities. I am a grandmother now. My life expands to include a precious little gift from God.

I am in a new stage with my mom who is navigating the challenges of being older.

My community of faith is growing and new challenges and opportunities arise there.

So, in other words, I feel a bit as if my life is in a constant flux of change, movement, passage. And whether you are at my stage of life or some other place, we are all journeying through this life.

In the midst of all the transitions of life, God calls to us to wait for His leading. Yet this waiting can unsettle us. It feels like standing still. It is a thousand times harder than rushing headlong into busyness.

The trusting… the waiting… they challenge my need to be in control. I must lean hard into Jesus to keep my heart in touch with his.

What are we to do during seasons of change? Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Reflect on what God has said to you during the last season. Your next step is a part of the big picture of your life, past, present, and future.
  • Quiet your heart and listen for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Trust your spiritual intuition. You are not alone. The Holy Spirit is our guide and is always offering guidance.
  • Seek God’s peace. When we step into His plans, His peace will accompany us.
  • Be very aware of what is arising in your heart. What do your fears say about you? Is there some past issue resurfacing? Some unhealed part of your heart crying out? Don’t ignore what is happening inside you. The union of body, soul, and spirit cannot be denied.
  • Listen to trusted friends and family who know you well and are following after God’s heart. Evaluate their input in prayer.
  • Spend time in God’s presence. Read His Word. Talk to Him. And most of all, listen. Listening is much more difficult than talking.
  • Accept that part of life is the mystery of it. Faith, trust, waiting,… they will always be a part of walking with God and the transitions of life.



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  1. Such a practical beautiful list of things to do . . . in life’s transitions. I am in the midst of a big transition right now. Thanks.


  2. Sandra Harper says:

    I love you Mikki and I love watching how the Lord is using you in all the changes in your life. What a model for the rest of us. It can be scary and would totally be a mess if we didn’t have the Lord in us, with us and always for us……….blessings!

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