Who Wrote the Book of Love?


 In the late fifties, a group called the Monotones wrote and recorded a song called “Who Wrote the Book of Love?”  I woke up singing that old song this morning which led me to thinking about who really wrote the book of love. Of course, you know that I am referring to God.  But I wonder sometimes if we really understand that the Bible is the book of love. Yes, we may give mental ascent to that. God is love.  But knowing the love of God is totally different than having a head knowledge that says that God is love.

Knowing the love of God has changed my life more times than one. For me, the knowledge of God’s love has come bit by bit, piece by piece. When I committed my life to Christ as a very young girl, I distinctly remember wanting to avoid hell. And of course that is important.  But my journey to knowing the love of God has been a life-long one. In my early twenties, I was overtaken by the love of God when I first knew that God had called me into ministry. I was so overwhelmed by the fact that God wanted me.  I became consumed with knowing Him. I read the Word for hours and hours.  However, in a few short years, I became drained by religion. I had somehow equated knowing God with keeping a list of rules (i.e., read five chapters of Psalms every day, 1 chapter of Proverbs, and part of the New Testament; keep a prayer journal which covered all the needs of the world and everyone else I knew, etc.) Now the rules represent important principles but living for the rules replaced living for God and I found myself hopeless. You can be sure that God doesn’t lead us into hopelessness.

Another season of encountering religious rules in my late 30’s almost took my spiritual life. And through the pain of these encounters, I increasingly learned the difference between religion and relationship. But I confess, I am very much still on that journey.

Encountering the Holy Spirit in a dramatic way in 1999 plunged me into another realm of knowing God’s love. I remember describing it as going from loving God to being IN LOVE with God. Again, I was overwhelmed with His love for ME. You see, the love of God is very personal.

In the last two years, I have known the love of God through the love of God’s people in practical, tangible ways as so many have walked with my family through a terrible storm and believed in us, ministered to us by their words and their actions, giving words of encouragement, hugs, prayers, and all sorts of practical gifts, and again, that love has changed me. I know more about unconditional love than I have ever known before.

Knowing the love of God in a personal way changes more than just my perceptions and understandings; it changes me. I become more like Him. I not only experience His love for me, but I find I am passionate about sharing His love with others.  And of such is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:8  You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witness…

My prayer for you today is that you know the love of God in increasing ways and that as His love changes you, you will be a witness to that love.


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